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Electronics Restoration

Commercial Electronics Restoration Services

Any source of damage to your electronic products can be serious, threatening large capital investments,
long-term business interruptions, and heavy losses to important customers. The CORE Group has
developed technologies and methods for refurbishing electronic equipment to fully restore its potential.
Help your business recover quickly with minimal disruption.

Our electronics repair team is very meticulous because we do not want to miss anything. During the review process, we will take time to evaluate all your electronic equipment and accurately assess the cost of repairing each item. They not only explained the cost, but also the time required.

CORE Group’s electronic component repair service costs only account for a small part of the equipment
cost. It can take 6 to 18 months to refurbish complex electronic equipment. Generally, the cost of CORE electronic component repair services are many times the cost of replacing equipment. This is only an economic consideration.

Electronic Devices Recovered by CORE:
  • Computers and laptops
  • Computer file data
  • Home entertainment centers
  • Game consoles
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Household appliances and small appliances
  • Printers and copiers

Our technicians repair sensitive electronic components damaged in fire and water disasters, as well as natural disasters. Our maintenance technicians are well-trained and professional. We have successfully repaired electronic equipment that is prone to any disasters nationwide, including corrosive smoke and dust from floods and fires, acid fumes, molds, environmental pollutants, pollution in the manufacturing process, overseas sea salt transportation, toxic pollution, etc.

At CORE, we know that electronic data stored on hard drives, data cartridges, mobile phones, tablets, and computers are extremely important to homeowners or businesses. Nothing can bring more stress and pain to the family than losing precious family memories or important information. Any data recovery after loss is essential, even if the electronic object’s condition cannot be determined before it is lost. Entrust your electronic restoration needs to us, let CORE minimize business interruption, and preserve important family memories.

CORE Group’s electronic repair experts apply the correct methods for electronic refurbishment services and involve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service companies in the electronic refurbishment process when necessary. The daily operations of most companies rely on various types of professional equipment. CORE’s claims team coordinates the recovery process between your insurance company and the original equipment manufacturer to ensure that your equipment is completely rebuilt and operating normally. We provide advice on technical claims for various companies across multiple sectors.

During the recovery period, the experienced experts of CORE Group are always at your service. CORE is the most reliable and mature electronic product recycling solution in the industry. Our well-trained technicians and experienced engineers have contacted thousands of contractors and insurance consultants after accidents and disasters.

As part of our repair process, ultrasonic cleaning is a method of cleaning solids using ultrasonic waves and a solvent suitable for the material. This method uses bubbles generated by ultrasonic waves to agitate the liquid and remove the liquid safely and effectively from non-porous materials to restore things to the way they were before they were lost. Manufacturers have made great strides in using ultrasonic equipment to clean flux, a type of residue that is produced when components are soldered to circuit boards. Because the ultrasonic process is safe, stable, meticulous, and fast, it is still the preferred method to this day.

At CORE, we understand that timing is of the essence. In times of despair, we strive to provide homeowners with peace of mind, relief, and effective accident recovery solutions. When a homeowner encounters a fire, flood, or lightning strike, we know that the safety and health of our family is our top priority. Our team acts quickly to properly separate and remove the affected items to minimize additional damage and health risks. We submit a quotation for refurbished items to the insurance company after filing a complaint. Upon approval, we will carry out restoration work.

If the contaminated object is not cleaned within a certain period of time, the destructive corrosion process will begin. Although there is no external damage, the inside of electronic equipment may be severely damaged due to early corrosion. Smoke particles from smoke residues are attracted to plastic, copper, and aluminum; they can be found in all commercial and consumer electronic devices. Any electronic components that are directly contaminated or suspected of being contaminated must be cleaned before corrosion begins. The main cause of damage is the acidity of the soot, which can damage the metal and cause discoloration and decomposition, which is very harmful to circuits and wires. Therefore, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. For example, the last thing you want to do is to open the affected electronic object to check if it is still working. This will not only cause a safety hazard, but also cause acidity, which can immediately damage related items. After the restoration work is completed, we store the electronics in our safe and environmentally friendly warehouse until the renovation work is completed and ready to return the house, and then we deliver, reconnect, test, and inspect everything to ensure the electronic meets the requirements.

Our work supports a one-year warranty, so you can rest assured that we will support our work. We are not just restoring electronic equipment; we are restoring normalcy. Our experts have many years of experience in data recovery in the private and commercial sectors. We can provide disaster data recovery services for all media, from internal and external hard drives, RAID systems, digital tapes, optical drives and even digital photos. We have obtained media warranty licenses from many leading storage device manufacturers. Electronic technology is the core and soul of most modern enterprises. CORE has developed patented electronic remanufacturing technologies, methods, and services to completely rebuild the most demanding electronic equipment and help your business recover quickly with minimal disruption. In most cases, the purification and recovery performance of CORE can be measured within a few weeks to limit interruptions and losses. All of these will help you save time, money and customers. Our electronic repair team is highly qualified and experienced.