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Contents Cleaning and Restoration

When you and your family suffer loss of property, whether due to a sewer clog, flood, fire, or smoke, the most devastating consequence is sometimes damage to personal property, especially those of sentimental value.  Many items can be restored through a process called content cleanup. Content cleaning is a sophisticated process in which the certified content restorer takes steps to clean, disinfect and deodorize items damaged by smoke, sewage, mold, or water.

Not only are you dealing with damage to your home or office, but you also have damaged valuables and items to sort out. At CORE we know how important your personal belongings are to you. That is why our experts are at your disposal for the restoration of content in all areas. Times to carefully pack, clean and restore your belongings. We know you are very busy.

We know that valuable possessions and retail inventory are an important part of much damage restoration work. The CORE Group offers a comprehensive content recovery system that allows you to restore your items to their pre-loss condition. This means we can help save items that were previously thought to be insurmountable. CORE Group uses a variety of equipment and methods for content purification. The equipment and methods used are determined through expert inspection of inventory, including materials, composition, durability, type of damage, and known response to specific restoration processes. 

These include:

  • Specialized drying chambers Ultrasonic cleaning Washing / dry cleaning
  • Spraying and cleaning Immersion
  • Cleaning Ozone Treatment
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Return of Contents

After cleaning and restoring the contents, items are returned to the resident or company using the same inventory and documentation procedures as used for packaging.  The cleaning and restoration of content is offered at locations of the CORE Group and selected orders and services are carried out. The availability and scope of content cleanup and restoration will vary based on location, job, and other factors. For more information on content cleaning and recovery services in your area, please contact the CORE Group.

As important as it is to restore water-soaked floors or soot-stained walls after a fire or water damage, CORE knows that you too are concerned about your valuable valuables and other possessions.  Our content recovery and cleaning methods ensure that CORE can help get your life and content back to normal.

Our content recovery process includes:

Taking an inventory of your valuables and belongings

Carefully packing and protecting your items

Transfer anything that is packaged to our secure facility for cleaning as possible

Environmentally friendly detergents used has shown a 99% removal rate of all bacteria, mold, and fungus.

As soon as it is time to clean your belongings, we open the boxes one by one, and our cleaning professionals go item by item deciding the best cleaning method. The method chosen is based on several factors:

  • Is the content hard or soft?
  • Should they be hand washed or machine washable?
  • What types of cleaning chemicals can be used on this type of material?

Often, hard contents such as dishes are cleaned and deodorized in automatic machines such as ultrasonics to remove the smoke odor. Hard contents that cannot be cleaned in a machine are cleaned by hand with an environmentally friendly degreaser and odor neutralizer. Soft contents are cleaned in our state-of-the-art, advanced machinery which is proven to restore 85% of all soft content, including severely damaged contents. This technology has made it possible for us to rescue items that were previously thought to be unsalvageable and greatly improved our ability to get your life back to normal.  In some cases, our contents are deposited in an ozone room for deodorization, in some cases it is thermally fogged. This is a process that simulates the particle size of the smoke and is an additional counterattack to remove residual odor. Then the contents, which cannot be dried by machine, are put into our drying chamber with air circulation. Your items will be tracked from start to finish. At this point, the contents are placed in a clean, cool box with plenty of protection so that they can be air-conditioned until you and your family are ready to move them back in.

Content Analysis

Shortly after a loss of property, a member of the content recovery team examines the affected items to determine which items are considered recoverable or unrecoverable.  Items that are considered unrecoverable have unfortunately suffered too much damage as a result of their loss and cannot be restored. These are the items that need to be replaced.

Many facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated systems that are the newest, most highly advanced, game-changing systems in the industry designed to clean and restore 90% of soft and hard contents.  These systems clean and deodorize heavy soot, sewers, and hard content that has been damaged by mold, restoring it to what it was before it was lost. We pride ourselves on being able to clean collectibles was previously impossible to rescue, restore and return valuable and irreplaceable items and avoid costly replacement costs.

When disaster strikes, it is not simply the building that is affected however additionally the contents. That is why CORE operates a contents’ restoration division to revive contents broken by fire, smoke, and water. We tend to also restore things stricken by mold. By with success restoring contents, CORE not solely preserves items of sentimental value, but also conserves policy limits, creating funds obtainable for alternative aspects of the restoration.   Not all items damaged by water, fire, and mold are a complete loss. With professional contents improvement and restoration, several items will be fully improved and do not get to be replaced. Trust your native contents restoration specialists to urge the task done right. This includes fully documenting all things and thoroughly packing & transporting them for cleaning. Any items that cannot be improved are documented for your insurance claim. We tend to are trained in properly caring for and restoring your valuables and utilized advanced instrumentality for the most effective results. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding service experience to all of our clients. Our work ethic and values have allowed us to raise the bar when it comes to restoration services. We work hard every day to improve who we are and what we do so we can deliver the most effective, efficient, and thorough services so our clients can get life, back to normal fast.   We have been privileged to serve our community for over the years and will be here to help restore people’s lives after a life-changing event for many years to come.