Roof Repair for Wind & Hail Damage

Roof Repair for Wind & Hail Damage

San Marcos Roof Repair for Wind & Hail Damage

Trained & Experienced Emergency Storm Damage Restoration Services in Austin, New Braunfels & Beyond

Strong storms can cause extreme destruction to your property, leading to leaks, breaks, or even structural damage. Strong winds can lift shingles and tiles, causing damage to the surface of your roof. Windstorms can also uproot trees and tip power lines and other tall structures, which can then land on nearby structures, damaging or destroying your roof. If your roof sustains damage, other structural elements of your home could sustain serious and lasting water damage.


When your family or business has suffered serious damage after a storm, it is crucial that you work with someone who can get there fast. At W.B. Arthur, our professionals guarantee a 1-hour response time in emergency situations. We also provide carpet cleaning, water extraction, facilities maintenance, and janitorial services. When you call our team, you can rest easy knowing help is on the way.

If your home was damaged in a storm, our skilled professionals can help. Dial (512) 710-0559 or use our online form today to get in touch with our San Marcos storm damage restoration specialists.

What Type of Roof Damage Can Hail & Wind Cause?

If your area was recently hit by a hurricane, tornado, or another storm, it is possible that your home or business sustained serious damage. High winds or hail can loosen and dislodge shingles, damage the surface of your roof, and break or impair your rain gutters, skylights, or vent hoods. Destruction like this can lead to costly and dangerous water damage within your home if left unchecked or unrepaired.

Hail can break or crack asphalt shingles, or dent the granules that protect the surface of your roof shingles. Wood shingles can also crack or break loose in hail storms, and slate roofs may break off entirely, sliding from the roof. This kind of damage can significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof if you don’t seek a timely and thorough repair.

Let Our Professionals at W.B. Arthur Help You

Our trained professionals can evaluate the damage to your home, create a plan of action for repair, and help with any water damage as well. Our San Marcos water extraction and roof repair team always show up uniformed and friendly and our entire team is dedicated to providing superior service.

Contact W.B. Arthur to ask about a free estimate for your roof repair in San Marcos, Austin, New Braunfels, or the surrounding areas.